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Structural Harmony of Systems – Eduard Soroko

Today, I read some interesting things on harmony mathematics. Here is a remarkable quote from a guy named Eduard Soroko (I can not find a Wikipedia entry on him):
“The Generalized Golden Proportions are invariants, which allow for natural systems in process of their self-organization to find harmonious structure, stationary regime of their existence, structural and functional stability.”


Here is a link to the paper which contains this quote: Structural Harmony of Systems. I want to find more papers and information on this “Belarusian philosopher.”

Mathematics of Harmony – Alexey Stakhov

Fascinating book: Mathematics of Harmony by Alexey Stakhov. I found this book while doing some research on Elliott Waves. Other topics of interest: Golden Ratio and Fibonacci p-codes. Chapter nine is fascinating and it’s incredible that George M. Bergman was only twelve years old when he published the paper, A number system with an irrational base.

Who is Alexey Stakhov? Do a Google search on him to learn more about this scientist with over 500 publications, 14 books, and 65 international patents. Note: Do a Google search for the book’s ISBN number: 981277582X to find a pdf on DepositFiles 🙂

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