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TEAC UD-501, Sennheiser HD 650, Audiophile Linux

UPDATE (2016-Feb-01):
Upgraded from HD 650 to HD 800. Now in audiophile heaven. Also, added SOtM internal USB port with SOtM SATA In-Line power filter.
I recently switched my computer’s audio system from the Objective2 Amplifier and ObjectiveDAC (a good low-cost set-up) to the TEAC USB AUDIO DAC UD-501. I connected the TEAC to a spare laptop running Audiophile Linux. Listening with Sennheiser’s HD 650 headphones, the system playing native DSD albums sounds remarkable. All instruments and vocals are crystal clear and superbly smooth. It’s the way music was meant to be heard.
DSD is the future of music — beautiful high quality audio. With a well produced DSD album, it sounds as if you are at the recording studio with the artist. Granted that a typical DSD album can be around 2-4 GB, it is rather disappointing that people seem to prefer poor quality MP3 recordings playing on low quality DAC chips in iPods and cell phones. NOTE: If you want a portable option, see the Geek Wave. An MP3 album is less than half the cost of a DSD album, but it is also less than half the quality IMO. I don’t think many people are aware of how amazing DSD quality music played back with professional quality electronics can sound. Since we live in a time where hard drives in the 2-4 TB range are rather cheap, I hope that consumers begin to demand that music producers focus on providing high fidelity music.

Ben Hoo

Ben Hoo is just awesome. Warm, dark, groovy, electronica music.

Check out Ben Hoo’s SoundCloud.

DJ Minnesota

For anyone desiring a trippy electronic hip-hop/dubstep vibe, I would suggest DJ Minnesota. He recently released Altered States which can be heard here: Altered States EP – DJ Minnesota.  Also worth listening too: Astral Projection EP. Minnesota does many nice remixes as well. DJ Minnesota SoundCloud.

Joris Delacroix

Joris Delacroix, a French DJ, has great talent in producing electronic music. Just listen to some of his songs:

YouTube Playlist – Joris Delacroix

Take Your Time feat Nancy – Joris Delacroix

Broken – Joris Delacroix

Pink Clouds – Joris Delacroix

Maeva – Joris Delacroix

Trip Hot feat Kevin Tisserand – Joris Delacroix

Symbiose – Joris Delacroix

Air France – Joris Delacroix


Le Sable Bourgeois – Fabien Dalzin (Joris Delacroix Remix)

Life on Fire – Bahlzack (Joris Delacroix No Choir Remix)

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