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Jason Silva Videos

Jason Silva creates some incredible philosophical videos. He is noted for reiterating Timothy Leary’s description of the computer and internet as the LSD of the 90’s. And his short clips are intended to be such a psychedelic experience. Really great; as most of them are based on many of the books and ideas posted in this blog. Be sure to watch his videos:

Jason Silva on Vimeo

Jason Silva on YouTube

Here is Jason Silva’s film rendition of the strange loop from Hofstadter’s Godel, Escher, Bach.


self-reference is a really cool tumblr page. I would call some of the images on the site computer art. There are some fascinating images:

Small Stuff

Small Stuff, a tumblr site by the author of Infinity Imagined, contains incredibly magnified images of all sorts of objects. Here are just some of the great images!

A Bacterium on a Diatom on an Amphipod
The Empty Shell of a Diatom

The Wing of Butterfly

Ode to the World

Ran across this tumblr website, Ode to the World, while browsing images on Infinity Imagined. Ode to the World contains many stunning and unique pictures from around the world. Check it out!

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