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Thin Sections Now on Solar Anamnesis

The meteorite thin sections are now located on a separate website called Solar Anamnesis.

Mars Curiosity Panoramas on Gigapan

Beautiful and breathtaking panoramic views from the Mars Curiosity Rover on Gigapan curiosity of Neville Thompson. Feels like you are actually on the surface of Mars, incredible!

Thorium – Kirk Sorenson

Kirk Sorenson does an excellent job describing the current state of the American nuclear energy program and its future. He sees hope from the current enthusiasm of the Chinese, who are developing extensive nuclear reactor technology. Perhaps their focus will encourage the rest of the world. The nuclear energy field has been plagued by misconceptions for decades. There is a definite need for someone to stand up and cut through all the ignorance surrounding this important subject.

There are probably hundreds of new reactor designs. Kirk’s favourite is the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR). He talks extensively about its benefits, its problems, its safety, and how it can be put into operation. Hopefully, people will see his arguments as valid and convincing. Read more on his blog: Energy from Thorium. Gordon McDowell’s videos present the ideas of Sorenson in a clear and concise manner and there are numerous lectures and talks given by Sorenson on YouTube.

I would also recommend James Mahaffey’s book, Atomic Awakening. and

This is just a brief post showing my appreciation and support for HQ music and musical freedom. Two of my favorite music stores: bandcamp and Bleep. I’ve been buying music from these site almost since they first started. It’s a great way to buy music directly from the artist and in my favorite digital music format – FLAC!

Counter Intelligence (2013)

Top Documentary Films posts links to numerous free films. It has been one of my favorite places to visit when I am bored; I especially like the coverage of controversial and radical subjects — films which are unlikely to be found on sites like Netflix and Hulu. One such documentary is Counter Intelligence, an investigation and history of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. Through declassified public documents and former CIA officers, the film reveals how the CIA has operated in the past. Studying the history of the CIA, one can speculate as to how the agency may be influencing current world events.

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