Understanding Power: The Indispensable Chomsky – Noam Chomsky

Tragedy and Hope – Carroll Quigley

Longitude: The True Story of the Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time – Dava Sobel

Julius Caesar – Philip Freeman

Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilizations – Graham Hancock

Fingerprints of the Gods – Graham Hancock

Supernatural – Graham Hancock

Magicians of the Gods – Graham Hancock

Heaven’s Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization – Graham Hancock

The Orion Mystery: Unlocking the Secrets of the Pyramids – Robert Bauval and Adrian Gilbert

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies – Jared Diamond

The Hero with a Thousand Faces – Joseph Campbell

The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence has Declined – Steven Pinker

The Great Pyramid Secret – Margaret Morris

The Pyramids: An Enigma Solved – Joseph Davidovits

Why the Pharaohs Built the Pyramids Out of Fake Stones – Joseph Davidovits

1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed – Eric Cline

The Jihadis Return: ISIS and the New Sunni Uprising – Patrick Cockburn

Hopes and Prospects – Noam Chomsky

When Google Met WikiLeaks – Julian Assange

Politics and Vision – Sheldon Wolin

Democracy Incorporated – Sheldon Wolin

The Great War for Civilisation – Robert Fisk


Origins of Order – Stuart Kauffman

Investigations – Stuart Kauffman

How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed – Ray Kurzweil

Tree of Knowledge – Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela

Marijuana Reconsidered – Lester Grinspoon

The Natural Mind: An Investigation of Drugs and the Higher Consciousness – Andrew Weil, M.D.

The Machinery of Life – David S. Goodsell

The Diversity of Life – Edward O. Wilson

On Human Nature – Edward O. Wilson

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors – Carl Sagan

Insectopedia – Hugh Raffles

The Selfish Gene – Richard Dawkins

The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution – Richard Dawkins

The Blind Watchmaker: Why the Evidence of Evolution Reveals a Universe without Design – Richard Dawkins

Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations – David Montgomery

Dirt: The Ecstatic Skin – William Bryant Logan

The Control of Nature – John McPhee

Bully for Brontosaurus – Stephen Jay Gould

Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters – Matt Ridley

Neanderthal Man: In Search of Lost Genomes – Savnte Pääbo

p53: The Gene that Cracked the Cancer Code – Sue Armstrong

DMT: The Spirit Molecule – Rick Strassman

Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge – Jeremy Narby


Pale Blue Dot – Carl Sagan

Observing the Universe: A Guide to Observational Astronomy and Planetary Science – Andrew Norton

The Biggest Bangs: The Mystery of Gamma-ray Bursts, the Most Violent Explosions in the Universe – Jonathon Katz

The Restless Universe: Understanding X-Ray Astronomy in the Age of Chandra and Newton – Eric Schlegel

Moon Hunters: NASA’s Remarkable Expeditions to the Ends of the Solar System – Jeffrey Kluger

Lost in Space: The Fall of NASA and the Dream of a New Space Age – Greg Klerkx

The Red Limit – Timothy Ferris

Coming of Age in the Milky Way – Timothy Ferris

Parallax: The Race to Measure the Cosmos – Alan Hirshfeld

Rocks from Space: Meteorites and Meteorite Hunters – O. Richard Norton


The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Isaac Newton – James Gleick

Golden Boy: The Harold Simmons Story – John Nance

The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life – Alice Schroeder

Edwin Hubble: Mariner of the Nebulae – Gale Christianson

Miss Leavitt’s Stars: The Untold Story of the Woman Who Discovered How to Measure the Universe

Killing Time – Paul Feyerabend

Ayahuasca Medicine – Alan Shoemaker

The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government – David Talbot

PiKHAL: A Chemical Love Story – Alex and Ann Shulgin

TiKHAL: The Continuation – Alex and Ann Shulgin


The Music of the Primes – Marcus du Sautoy

The Information: A History, A Theory, A Flood – James Gleick

Elliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior

Mathematics of Harmony – Alexey Stakhov

Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software – Charles Petzold

Our Mathematical Universe – Max Tegmark


The Biosphere – Vladimir Vernadsky

On the Shoulders of Giants – Steven Hawking

Why Stock Markets Crash – Didier Sornette

Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations from LSD Research – Dr. Stanislav Grof

The Holographic Universe – Michael Talbot

Cosmic Apprentice: Dispatches from the Edges of Science – Dorion Sagan

Socionomics: The Science of History and Social Prediction – Robert R. Prechter, Jr.

Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe – Robert Lanza and Bob Berman

The God Particle – Leon Lederman

Symmetry and the Beautiful Universe – Leon Lederman

Chaos: Making a New Science – James Gleick

Phase Transitions and Signs of Life – Ricard Sole

The Trouble With Physics: The Rise of String Theory, The Fall of a Science, and What Comes Next – Lee Smolin

The Road to Reality – Roger Penrose

The Evolution of Physics – Albert Einstein and Leopold Infeld

Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy – Kip S. Thorne

Atomic Awakening: A New Look at the History and Future of Nuclear Power – James Mahaffey

Herndon’s Earth and the Dark Side of Science – J. Marvin Herndon

Oxygen: The Molecule that Made the World – Nick Lane

The End of Certainty – Ilya Prigogine

Wholeness and the Implicate Order – David Bohm


Behold the Spirit: A Study in the Necessity of Mystical Religion – Alan Watts

The Way of Zen – Alan Watts

Tales of Wonder: Adventures Chasing the Divine – Huston Smith

The Book: On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are – Alan Watts

Pensees – Blaise Pascal

The Adventure of Self-Discovery – Stanislav Grof


Freedom from the Known – Jiddu Krishnamurti

The Wisdom of Insecurity – Alan Watts

Against Method – Paul Feyerabend

The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching: Transforming Suffering into Peace, Joy, and Liberation – Thich Nhat Hanh

Servant Leadership – Robert K. Greenleaf


Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth? – Alan Weisman

The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History – Elizabeth Kolbert

Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World – Paul Stamets

Steps to an Ecology of Mind – Gregory Bateson


A Computer Scientist’s View of Life, the Universe, and Everything (1997) – Jürgen Schmidhuber

Rechnender Raum (Calculating Space) – Konrad Zuse

Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid – Douglas Hofstadter

Tibetan Book of Dead, Food of the Gods, DMT, Bicameral Mind

Breathe, You Are Alive: The Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing – Thich Nhat Hanh

The Miracle of Mindfulness: An Introduction to the Practice of Meditation – Thich Nhat Hanh

Light on Yoga – B. K. S. Iyengar

The Tao Is Silent – Raymond Smullyan

Prometheus Rising – Robert Anton Wilson

The Holographic Universe – Michael Talbot

Finance / Economics

The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America – Warren Buffett

Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits – Philip A. Fisher

John Bogle on Investing: The First 50 Years

Debt: The First 5,000 Years – David Graeber

Security Analysis – Benjamin Graham and David Dodd

The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham

The Misbehavior of Markets: A Fractal View of Financial Turbulence – Benoit Mandelbrot

After Capitalism – David Schweickart

Das Kapital – Karl Marx

No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller – Harry Markopolos

Kondratieff Waves, Warfare and World Security: Volume 5 NATO Security through Science Series: Human and Societal Dynamics – T.C. Devezas

Profit Over People: Neoliberalism & Global Order – Noam Chomsky

Secular Cycles – Peter Turchin and Sergey A. Nefedov


Foundation – Isaac Asimov