Species Xchange

Soil Manufacturing

A Walk Through Time

Geopolymer Possibilities

An Idea for a Short Story

Inherited Consciousness?

Thoughts about Thoughts

Thoughts – Autocosmocracy

Human Collective Intelligence

A Stock Exchange for Species

A Story on the Creation of Stocks

Energy – Stardust – Consciousness

Thoughts About a Project and GPUs

Thoughts on Corporate Organization

Geoffrey West Question and Response

Price Simulation of Trader Matrix Video

A Simple Strategy to Earn Good Returns

DNA Genetic Engineering of New Animals

Neighborhoods as Organs; Cities as Brains

The Future Materials of Earth’s Life-Forms

Flow Chart of Price Formation and Reaction

Brief Overview of My Experiences with Stocks

Simulated Stock Price Data – Ising Type Model

Human Decision Making Ability, Optimal Control

Brainstorming: Ways to Protect Earth’s Ecosystem

Thoughts Based on the Essays of Stephen Jay Gould

An Organization which Creates a Market for Clean Air

Complex System vs. Stochastic Models of Market Returns

On the Distribution of Kingdom/Dynasty/Government Lengths

Natural Resource Depletion – Clean Fresh Water and Crude Oil

Log-Periodic Power Law (LPPL) Oscillations to Predict Market Crashes

Can a Stock Market Crash be Avoided? Can the Collapse of a Society be Avoided?

An Interesting Model of Asset Price Behavior using a Tri-Valued Matrix of States