Could technology be the beginning of the end for human civilization?

Possibility the entire infrastructure of modern civilization relies on manipulations of the electron through complex technologies. A wise idea would be to prepare the Earth for at least one year without a single amp of electricity. The big question is: How can we support all current human life with no electricity? If that one year began today the result would be anarchy, downfall of civilization, and loss of life. Now that we are in a position to preemptively avoid such a disaster, we need to install a “backup generator.” How or what is to be done? Great minds working together should be able to come up with a solution.

To emphasize this potential danger, I propose a book. This book would actually consist of at least one year of journal entries. These entries could be posted through a blog. And for one year I would post the life of a character who is living through this theoretical world of no electricity and no technology. What if I could find another author who would detailed the life of another person in another culture with the same global events. Two stories, two perspectives, same events.

In this book, the failure of technology would be caused by an intelligent and hostile alien race. They would have mastered the human race’s social and biological characteristics. Through this mastery they would be able to target our tools and electricity but not our electrical nerve impulses. Human civilization and its survival is entirely rooted in the manipulation of the electron through various technological tools. The resulting unrest caused by anarchy would deflate the “artificially” inflated human population. This can be seen dramatically through an analogy with Native Americans, whose populations and societies suffered from disease, thus making invasion by outsiders easier.

This is a very rough draft of my entire idea. Consider Solar Storms.