I want to do something which combines GPU programming, finance, and/or conservation — something which will help the relationship between humans and the environment. There are a few ideas in my head. One is about displaying data with 3D graphics to give traders more than just a ticker price. The price of a security is a minimal form of information. What is a good method to display the daily progression of trade volume? Most information about short sells, margin levels, and ownership levels are hidden; revealed only on a monthly or quarterly basis. This infrequent update hinders the development and understanding of crash prevention. Combining all of this information into a visual display based on an Ising model (example) and N-Body particle simulation should be informative. Of course I am simply speculating and putting thoughts into words. The two books I am currently browsing through are: OpenCL in Action by Matthew Scarpino and CUDA Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to GPU Programming by Nicholas Wilt.

CUDA Samples: