When I was a kid, I remember being confused as to why adults would drink beer and alcohol. The terrible taste was clearly the body’s survival mechanism telling yourself to avoid the poison. And it made people act strange. So why did they drink it? Once I entered college, I soon discovered why this foul beverage was so popular. Moderation and measure is the key to alcohol. Interestingly, I find myself in the same situation, learning of another, even more notoriously nasty beverage: Ayahuasca. Except in this case, the beverage is known as the ultimate medicine. The fascinating tales of the spirit world associated with this beverage make it an extreme curiosity.  I read Alan Shoemaker’s book, Ayahuasca Medicine with a deep interest and open mind about the shamanic traditions of the Amazon curanderos (I also just learned of the genetic connection between some Amazon tribes and the Aborigines). Shoemaker has a remarkable tale to tell to the world and we should listen carefully.