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Ecology of Mind – Nora Bateson Documentary

Nora Bateson, daughter of Gregory Bateson, created an insightful documentary about her father’s ideas. You can purchase the DVD here. I also found it on YouTube:

The Evolution of Ecological Consciousness

The Evolution of Ecological Consciousness is a well made and must watch presentation by the Permaculture designer Andrew Faust of the Center for Bioregional Living. He summarizes many of the ideas presented by Carl and Dorion Sagan and Lynn Margulis. In addition, he presents many fascinating visions for a future living experience in conjunction with biology.

A Stock Exchange for Species??

It seems to be entirely possible, and even beneficial, if there was an exchange, analogous to the NYSE, where traders and investors could buy and sell “shares” of a species. The exchange would begin by issuing an IPO on every species. For example, ticker symbol: QA could be the “stock” for Quercus alba.

We need to think outside the box to protect our environment and I see this a way to benefit both man and nature. Man will be awarded with more assets with which he can diversify his financial holdings; nature will win in various ways — including the proceeds of the IPO to protect the species.

This would be initiated to test the idea that a traded asset can be something more general than an organization consisting of human labor and assets.

You may argue that a stock must have a fundamental basis in the value of human commodities and labor. That may be true, however, what limits the definition extending to non-human commodities and the labor of nature? In any case, for the experienced investors, how many companies have you seen being valued in the billions with little or no assets and no profits? In fact, a species actually has an enormous value and potential in terms of biology, ecology, and the sustainability of human activity.

There are numerous possible arguments against this, which I would enjoy countering. Perhaps I will devote more to this in a future post.

Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth? – Alan Weisman

Being alive in this century of massive human growth and progress, we sometimes need a reminder that our actions and decisions shape the future of the entire Earth. This reminder came to my attention while reading Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth?, by Alan Weisman. After reading, I was struck by an urge to find ways to help the Earth’s environment and I posted a suggestion on my blog. This is my first foray into the category of Environmental, Conservation, and Ecology. I will be looking for a new book to read on these subjects in the near future.

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