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Mayan Murals: Xultún, Guatemala

I ran across an article, Maya Murals: Stunning Images of King & Calendar, which talked about a discovery in Xultún, Guatemala. It was of a dwelling which contained numerous murals painted by the Maya. Thought to be 1,200 years old, it contains some interesting depictions. Especially a picture of three black men, who are apparently wearing white medallions and black headdresses. When I first saw this, I thought: “Why does a Mayan mural have three African men with ivory medallions wearing “Pharaoh” type headdresses?” I am not sure; could it be that the Maya had a special desire to paint themselves black, perhaps like a panther? Or is this evidence of a connection with Africa?

The Power of Scientific Visualization

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, a cliché, but true. A semester or even a textbook can be condensed into a beautiful visualization thanks to modern graphics. This is why I find the work of Drew Berry, XVIVO, and David Goodsell so powerful. Seeing DNA replication and intracellular transportation makes me speechless. Many of these are created with Maya or Molecular Maya. I really want to explore Maya to visualize financial networks and data after watching these…

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