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Microfossils and Biomolecules in Meteorites – Dr. Richard B. Hoover

Microfossils and Biomolecules in Meteorites – Dr. Richard B. Hoover

This video by Dr. Richard B. Hoover points at why I am so interested in meteorites. Imagine if Dr. Hoover is correct and that life pervades the universe, or even lets say a large galaxy and/or group of galaxies. This is a viable outcome of nature and follows from simple exponential growth given a time span on a scale of billions of years. As long as life has evolved to be able to travel the vast distances between stars this is a simple and interesting hypothesis. But we are of course mostly interested in complex life — we are scanning right now for complex information signals in all numbers of frequencies when all we have to do is study the meteorites already in our possession. If the universe is filled with single cell life forms, it would suggest that the potential of life to manifest itself in form/energy/matter such as humans or dinosaurs, etc.. exists as a latent potential throughout the region of the universe inhabited by these life forms. And complex life arises almost immediately when a new planet or moon with suitable conditions arises. This would basically be the answer to the Drake Equation. It is highly likely that there are other complex lifeforms. We now would feel confident to search for complex life signatures because we know now that the universe is filled with simple life and primitive multicelluar life like trilobites, dinosaurs, mammals, etc… So now the ultimate question would seem to be where did the first evolution of these organisms arise? In our galaxy? the Andromeda galaxy? Where exactly are Earth’s lifeforms on this larger tree of life? Reality is starting to seem like something out of a science fiction book. Of course this is just one possible speculative scenario. I can imagine others.

Note, I have been photographing meteorites in cross polarized light for the past few years; including CO type meteorites. You can see my work at Solar Anamnesis.

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Perfect Disaster: Solar Storms – Discovery Channel Curiosity Series

The belief that modern civilization relies too heavily on the electron can be justified by understanding the power of a Coronal Mass Ejection or even a strong solar flare. Discovery Curiosity’s show, Perfect Disaster: Solar Storms, explains the consequences of such an event on society. The show, although not providing many technical details about these storms, contains some neat “up close” visuals of the sun.
Watch on YouTube here.
Watch on Amazon here.

Pale Blue Dot – Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan puts the Earth into perspective in his novel, Pale Blue Dot. We really do “…live on a mot of dust suspended in a sunbeam.” The vision of Sagan — that the human race now has the power to determine its own fate — should be taken with gravity. Rather than destroying themselves with their technology, humans should focus on protecting their offspring from the extreme events of the universe, i.e. asteroid impacts, solar ejections, and other such disasters. The book also explores other visions for the human race in space.

The novel provides insight into Sagan’s mind about the future of humanity and should be read by all those interested in humanity’s future life away from Earth. (ISBN-13: 978-0345376596)

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors – Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan

Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan stands as a testament to their brilliance as synthesizers of facts into story. Sagan and Druyan piece together myriads of biological facts to recreate the narrative of natural creation accessible to the non-scientific reader. Starting from the birth of the solar system and ending with the rise of apes, the reader will be left in awe at the beauty of life. The only requirement before reading this book is a curiosity about the natural world and a desire for understanding. (ISBN-13: 978-0345384720)

Sadly, Sagan passed away before the duo could complete a sequel.

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