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Kanal von CircolocoishMusic3

Kanal von CircolocoishMusic3, is my new favorite YouTube channel. It’s incredible how many good songs have been uploaded. Categories: house, minimal, electronic, trance, dance, remixes.

Marc Poppcke

Marc Poppcke – DJ/Producer is worth a listen. Good German house and tunes.

Simplify Matters – Marc Poppcke

Cosmopolitan (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix)

History Repeating – Marc Poppcke (Deepfunk Sunset Mix)

Marc Poppcke & Max Farlane – Penzium (Guille Quero & Sound Process Remix)


Robert Babicz

One of my favorite producers, Robert Babicz belongs at the top of your playlists if he is not there already. Be sure to visit his SoundCloud or YouTube channel. TEDx talk given by him.

YouTube playlist with some of Babicz’s songs.

Oliver Schories

One should definitely listen to songs by Oliver Schories. All of his music sounds great and makes you feel good! His SoundCloud also contains many sets. YouTube channel.

Here is a list of my favorites:

Oliver Schories – I’m Not

Oliver Schories – Free Your Soul

Oliver Schories – The Voice

Oliver Schories – Janna

Oliver Schories – Lausanne

Sivesgaard – Unorthodox (Oliver Schories Remix)


Daso creates sweet techno and electronic tunes. His most recent song, Awake at Night is a chill, deep house track. Check out Daso’s SoundCloud.

The following three songs can be bought here.

Daso – Meine

Daso – Idee

Daso – Deine Schuhe

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