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Time Lapse of the City of Boston – Bodhi Films

This post is a mixture of art and science. Love this video – not just for the special effects, but for the perspective it gives the viewers. It helps to visually see how a city functions and operates. Some scenes provide a sort of visual omniscience.

This is Boston from Bodhi Films on Vimeo.

The Machinery of Life – David S. Goodsell

The equisite details of cellular life are quite remarkable. Understanding how life continuously exists and reproduces in all parts of the world and the universe is beyond anything I could ever imagine. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoy spending time admiring the microscopic biology all around us; which is why I love David S. Goodsell’s book, The Machinery of Life. You can view many of the pictures here.


Holger Lippmann Art

Holger Lippmann creates fascinating digital art. Visit his page here. Some examples:

Ben Hoo

Ben Hoo is just awesome. Warm, dark, groovy, electronica music.

Check out Ben Hoo’s SoundCloud.

Digital Blasphemy

Ran across this website where Ryan Bliss posts stunning digital images.

Digital Blasphemy

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