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Structural Harmony of Systems – Eduard Soroko

Today, I read some interesting things on harmony mathematics. Here is a remarkable quote from a guy named Eduard Soroko (I can not find a Wikipedia entry on him):
“The Generalized Golden Proportions are invariants, which allow for natural systems in process of their self-organization to find harmonious structure, stationary regime of their existence, structural and functional stability.”


Here is a link to the paper which contains this quote: Structural Harmony of Systems. I want to find more papers and information on this “Belarusian philosopher.”

Digital Currency, Bitcoin and “Money-over-IP” – Jeremy Allaire and John Beccia

I recently attended a presentation on Digital Currency, Bitcoin and “Money-over-IP” by Jeremy Allaire and John Beccia. The audience was general and the details light, but my general impression is that the future lies in digital currencies. Really amazing ideas can be spawned and generated through this new area of technology.

Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software – Charles Petzold

I recently entered a computer science reading frenzy and have a few books in this category which I wish to read. Code, by Charles Petzold provides a readable, accessible, and concise account of the fundamental concepts supporting the hardware and software enabling you to read this post. So important are these concepts to our daily lives, I think that this book should be required reading in all high schools.

YouTube Channel – WarOnYourMind

Started watching the Harvard Distinguished Lecture Series with Daniel Dennett. I enjoyed the lecture on Mind/Brain/Behavior and recommend watching it. Check out WarOnYourMind on YouTube for similar lectures.

Holger Lippmann Art

Holger Lippmann creates fascinating digital art. Visit his page here. Some examples:

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