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3D Map of Local Stellar Neighborhood

Randomly ran across this really cool 3D map of the Local Stellar Neighborhood created with three.js.

The Molecular Basis of Life

DNA and its molecular dynamics visualized (posted by author of Infinity Imagined):

Time Lapse of the City of Boston – Bodhi Films

This post is a mixture of art and science. Love this video – not just for the special effects, but for the perspective it gives the viewers. It helps to visually see how a city functions and operates. Some scenes provide a sort of visual omniscience.

This is Boston from Bodhi Films on Vimeo.

D3 Data Driven Documents

A friend told me about D3 Data Driven Documents. This is an excellent site for anyone with a desire to display data in a unique and cool fashion on the internet. I will be updating my site, with D3 js methods soon.

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