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The Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo – Interview with Debashish Banerji and Jeffrey Mishlove

Part 1: The Revolutionary Yogi

Part 2: The Spiritual Empiricist

Part 3: Future Evolution of Humanity

The Adventure of Self-Discovery – Stanislav Grof

The Adventure of Self-Discovery by Stanislav Grof is a fascinating book which introduces readers to the inner healing potential of their sub-conscious. The first half of the book builds on themes from Realms of the Human Unconscious. In the second half of the book, Grof explains the rather profound, yet simple, exercise of holotropic breathing. Holotropic breathing allows people access to the ancient tradition of entering non-ordinary states of consciousness without any recourse to the ingestion or smoking of plant material. Please read the entire book if you are interested in performing the breathing without the aid of an experienced holotropic guide. Do not attempt without a sitter.

I put together a music playlist based on Grof’s recommendations for your benefit. The songs are in random order. Let me know if I should add/remove any:

Holotropic Breathing – Beginning

Holotropic Breathing – Middle

Holotropic Breathing – End

Also, informative interview with Grof:

Cockburn Family

Andrew and Leslie Cockburn; Alexander Cockburn; Patrick Cockburn.

Recently have been watching interviews and lectures of the Cockburn family:

Beat the Devil: Alexander Cockburn – Books, Biography, CounterPunch, Religion – Interview (2007)

The Inside Story of the U.S.-Israeli Covert Relationship: Money, Mossad, and the CIA (1991)

Q&A: Leslie & Andrew Cockburn

PATRICK COCKBURN: Speaking about Syria

They each have numerous interviews, documentaries and books. In the coming months I will probably explore their work and add to this post.

Insectopedia – Hugh Raffles

The Big Think interview with Hugh Raffles changed the way I think about insects. I want to read his book, Insectopedia. Cool and interesting man with unique perspective on anthropology.

Cambridge Nights

Cambridge Nights, the name of a Vimeo channel, interviews professors and scientists working in Boston. Just to name a few: Steven Pinker, Woodie FlowersNicholas Christakis, Geoffrey West, and Albert-László Barabási.

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