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Daniel Sheehan

Daniel Sheehan is a brilliant thinker who has written a fascinating book on his memories as a top lawyer in the United States entitled The People’s Advocate. Additionally, he gives amazing public lectures on both his experiences and world history. All of his YouTube videos are worth watching. Here are some that I started with:

Iran-Contra Scandal

Covert and Lesser Known U.S. Actions in and after WWII

Daniel Sheehan on 9/11

A Very Heavy Agenda – Robbie Martin

Well done Mr. Martin.

Democracy Incorporated – Sheldon Wolin

In his book, Democracy Incorporated, Sheldon Wolin analyzes the current (2010 preface) American polity and its historical development. Every line is eye opening and revelatory, especially for those Americans who have been living in a virtual-reality cave for the past 15 years and/or have not been able to find the leisure time to discover what is slowly happening to their beloved society. The already aware reader will immediately identify with Wolin’s perspective and understand his point — that the government can be considered a corporate government. He makes it clear that despite calling their government a democracy, the American people live in a “managed democracy.”

If a path to legitimate democracy is to be successful, the people themselves must begin the renewal process by creating a democratic ethos in every individual — the revolution must come from within each citizen. Change will not come from the elites who promise change!

Wolin is poignantly critical of certain groups of political elites who insist, unwaveringly, that the founding fathers and the Constitution are outside the sphere of critique. These foundations for American “managed democracy” are treated as if they were created and inspired by divinity. Of course, Wolin does not suggest that the foundations should be abolished. They should be improved, clarified, and refined as required by developments in technology and culture. He points out the hypocrisy in the rhetoric of politicians — that they simultaneously deify and nullify the Constitution. At every opportunity, politicians and government officials attempt to subvert the powers they swore to protect.

Wolin’s book is a must read for any democratically inclined citizen and every American!

The following is one of the only video interviews of Wolin I could find:

Empire Files – Abby Martin

The growth of a society into an Empire; how does this occur? is it desirable? if not, how can it be avoided? is it possible to create a set of cultural institutions which makes the probability of this transformation near zero?The study of this transformation is vital for future generations.

Abby Martin has created a series of episodes on YouTube called Empire Files which investigates the American Empire. Perhaps with more study we can answer important questions about this emergent cultural phenomenon which is bigger than any one person.

September 11: The New Pearl Harbor

I was in my middle school class when the teacher turned on the TV. On the news the morning of September 11, 2001 was something I will never forget. Since that time I have never questioned the events on that date. I was unaware of any inconsistencies; being more concerned with upcoming baseball games and playing football in the yard. Perhaps, as an unaware youth, I was simply relying on the honesty and intelligence of the adults in charge of my life and country. My parents were always watching the news. I unconsciously assumed they were aware and knew about any problems in society. Perhaps they, too, were relying on the honesty and intelligence of the media and government. The elected officials in power, voted into office by my parents and countless other citizens, were working hard for the welfare and protection of the American people; why would they harm me or any of my fellow citizens? Didn’t they swear to protect the American people and uphold the constitution?

Watching the crash of Malaysia Flight MH17 on TV, I had a vague flashback to my memories of 9/11; but the crash I saw in Ukraine looked different. I saw some disturbing pictures which turned my stomach. It actually had bodies and wreckage. But none of the pictures and videos on 9/11 of the two plane crashes away from the towers had any similar images. There were no bodies; no plane engines; no large fuselage pieces. Maybe I was missing something or remembering incorrectly.

I recently had some free time, so I decided to take my mind off the depressing news by laughing at the conspiracy theories concerning 9/11. How could people possibly deny the events which happened that day? So many witnesses, so many affected. I was ready to be amused and shocked by people stretching the evidence, spinning the truth, analyzing fuzzy videos, forming vague connections, and insulting the victims.

Let’s just say, “I wasn’t laughing.”

What I did feel, after watching September 11: The New Pearl Harbor, was utter disbelief and shock. Perhaps the one I watched was edited and the product of political agenda. In my disbelief, I watched five more videos and did some research. However, the evidence is there. I will not try to convince you, just watch the documentaries with an open mind, free from assumptions. Whatever the truth may be, there are plenty of reasons why there should be another investigation (not done by a government organization) and ALL evidence should be released by the government just like any other criminal case.

AE911Truth Experts Speak Out

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

9/11 Trillions: Follow the Money

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