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Daniel Sheehan

Daniel Sheehan is a brilliant thinker who has written a fascinating book on his memories as a top lawyer in the United States entitled The People’s Advocate. Additionally, he gives amazing public lectures on both his experiences and world history. All of his YouTube videos are worth watching. Here are some that I started with:

Iran-Contra Scandal

Covert and Lesser Known U.S. Actions in and after WWII

Daniel Sheehan on 9/11

Zeitgeist Trilogy

These important films by Peter Joseph speak for themselves. I really did not have a clue what they were about until I started to read about Jacques Fresco and The Venus Project. I think the ideas presented in the Zeitgeist films represent a phase transition in modern society which will come to fruition this century. And whenever there is such a split/conflict concerning the removal and reshaping of a society’s establishment structures, we must ensure that it is done without violence. It doesn’t matter whether the Zeitgeist movement is right or wrong about society’s problems; what matters is that it strikes a common chord in the population and brings people together under a common ideology. History repeats itself and this time is not different. The established power structures control the means of production and have enormous political power; they will not simply handover this power…

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