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Servant Leadership – Robert K. Greenleaf

Recommended by John Bogle, Servant Leadership revolutionizes the way in which organizations are structured. Robert K. Greenleaf argues that institutions should be built upon the Roman idea of primus inter pares. The ancient idea, that leaders should be “one among equals,” benefits modern corporations and government institutions which are traditionally built upon a hierarchical type of organization. These benefits are outlined and discussed throughout the book.

Summary Video on YouTube.

John Bogle on Investing: The First 50 Years – John Bogle

John Bogle on Investing: The First 50 Years provides a good insight into the mind of John Bogle, the founder of The Vanguard Group. The only  book I have read by Bogle, it explains in detail his belief that individual stock picking is not worth the effort.  Instead, Bogle argues that the variance of the return on a total market index decreases as an investor considers a longer time horizon. In other words, the fifteen year return will tend to converge toward the fifteen year average return. A more detailed explanation is provided in the book. This approach suggests that the best strategy would be to invest in a low expense fund that follows either the S&P 500, the Wilshire 5000, or some market index. (ISBN-13: 978-0071761031)

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