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The Power of Scientific Visualization

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, a cliché, but true. A semester or even a textbook can be condensed into a beautiful visualization thanks to modern graphics. This is why I find the work of Drew Berry, XVIVO, and David Goodsell so powerful. Seeing DNA replication and intracellular transportation makes me speechless. Many of these are created with Maya or Molecular Maya. I really want to explore Maya to visualize financial networks and data after watching these…

The Machinery of Life – David S. Goodsell

The equisite details of cellular life are quite remarkable. Understanding how life continuously exists and reproduces in all parts of the world and the universe is beyond anything I could ever imagine. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoy spending time admiring the microscopic biology all around us; which is why I love David S. Goodsell’s book, The Machinery of Life. You can view many of the pictures here.


23andme DNA Ancestry

Update, I also had my own DNA sent into the FamilyTreeDNA Family Finder:

My Family Finder DNA

My Family Finder DNA

For $99 it’s a great deal in my opinion to have your DNA ancestry and health analyzed. Hoping to get some more family members to have their DNA analyzed. Here are: 1) My ancestry results, 2) My father, 3) My mother’s mother, and 4) My mother’s father.



Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters – Matt Ridley

I started started reading Genome: The Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters, my first time reading anything by Matt Ridley. Ridley knows how to synthesize a great non-fiction novel from dry scientific facts. In this regard, I think he is similar to Carl Zimmer.

YouTube Channel – WarOnYourMind

Started watching the Harvard Distinguished Lecture Series with Daniel Dennett. I enjoyed the lecture on Mind/Brain/Behavior and recommend watching it. Check out WarOnYourMind on YouTube for similar lectures.

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