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Origins of Order – Stuart Kauffman

Origins of Order, by Stuart Kauffman, provides a new look at evolution through natural selection. Instead of holding that the main creator of order is genetic drift with Natural Selection, Kauffman explores the idea that order can spontaneously form under various conditions in the natural world. Kauffman also emphasizes the importance of co-evolution among organisms in creating complex evolutionary systems. All of these ideas are explored through the mathematical tool of fitness landscapes.

The book, although long and dense, provides deep insights into the nature of life and evolution. The concepts  presented involve mathematics, computer science, chemistry, and biology. I would recommend this book if the reader likes these topics and has enough time (or is fast reader). (ISBN-13: 978-0195079517)

Stuck In Customs – HDR Photography – Trey Ratcliff

I ran across this website, Stuck In Customs, a few years ago. The website’s creator, Trey Ratcliff posts HDR photographs of many different places around the world. His pictures are stunning and he allows anyone to download the hi-res versions of his photographs. Check it out!

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